Nutritional supplements and herbal formulas help bring the body’s chemistry back into balance. It is just one of the tools I use to help restore your health naturally, fulfill you body’s metabolic needs and reduce your dependence on medications.

Your body requires different supplementations at different stages of care. Any underlying conditions or challenges are also taken into consideration.

Establishing a proper individual nutritional supplement program requires not only science but also art. Focusing on only a particular nutrient and taking higher amounts of it, can result in a deficiency in other crititcal nutrients. Too often, people find supplements that seem to work and may take them for years without checking to see if their biochemistry is balanced.

Even if everything is working well, I think reassessment and change at least every three, six and 12 month period, is a good idea. Often, certain additional nutrients may no longer be required in the same amounts, a new supplement might be appropriate or emerging research points to better alternative solutions.

Whether your health concerns are stabilization of your current condition, resolution of acute pain, prevention, lifestyle or wellness, I can design a nutritional supplement and herbal formula package to meet your needs for every stage of your life.