Why is Advanced Wholistic Healthcare the next generation of Healthcare?

Advanced Wholistic Healthcare recommends and uses the least invasive, most environmentally friendly options first, in addressing health or injury issues.

Advanced Wholistic Healthcare maximizes the body’s healing potential by approaching health issues in layers, synergistically and from different perspectives. For example: Physical –Physical disease can create emotions. Emotional/mental –emotions can create physical disease. Nutritional—can affect the body’s recovery or resistance to assault. Environmental–wild fires, pollution, pesticides, gas appliances, etc. all affect the ultimate health outcome and future health.

Advanced Wholistic Healthcare recognizes the importance of dialogue in a clinical setting. Conversation between the patient and clinician is encouraged and not shut down.

Advanced Wholistic Healthcare looks at the bigger picture of physical fitness, that is being healthy means being strong, having good balance and having good co-ordination.

Advanced Wholistic Healthcare encourages you to rethink every piece of medical information, you read or were ever given–a complete overhaul of what you thought you knew.

Advanced Wholistic Healthcare shows patients how to protect their health on their own, recognizing that the most important component in keeping patients healthy is how they take care of themselves on a daily basis. Advanced Wholistic Healthcare educates patients in the most effective care of minor health issues when healthcare is not easily available.

Advanced Wholistic Healthcare Incorporates an awareness in treatment protocols of the increasing shifting medical advice when common medical practice either gets ahead of the science or falls behind; or, when new scientific evidence shows the old accepted methods are no longer the best methods. This can happen in both natural medicine and conventional medicine.

Advanced Wholistic Healthcare reflects a new awareness that lab tests don’t point the way to fixing the problem.

Advanced Wholistic Healthcare does not allow insurance companies to call the shots on the allowable amount and type of care a clinician can provide nor the time the clinician can spend with the patient.

Advanced Wholistic Healthcare follows the “Choosing wisely Initiative,” when applicable and appropriate for this type of medicine.

The Next generation of health care must take into consideration Civil health. Using your right to vote.

New norms being promoted by political leaders impact different people in different ways. (Example, abortion, gender fluidity, sexual preference, critical race theory, age-appropriate material, vaccination mandates, censorship, free speech. Visa/immigration caps, gun control, mandatory sentencing, social security cuts, Medicare premiums, whistleblower legislation, gas stoves, AI, school lunch programs and more.)

How can you come in for 3 adjustments a week when gas prices hit $7 a gallon, or when you’re working an 80-hour work week with no time off?

Basically what keeps you up at night, including political issues is relevant to your health. We encourage patients to always vote.