Nutritional counseling is now a stand alone service of this practice. It is particularly recommended if you are trying to lose weight sensibly, decrease your dependence on presciption or over the counter drugs, are experiencing difficulty healing from an injury, desire to return to the state of health you experienced prior to the current condition. Nutritional Counseling requires blood testing panels, urinalysis, hair testing analysis (check for heavy metal toxicity and mineral content), and blood pressure checks.

Fee Schedule Initial Consultation $125 ( 30 Minutes) Initial Blood Testing, urine and hair analysis will vary according to tests needed. ( Apx. $200 to $300) Follow-up analysis & Report of Findings $275 (60 minutes) Re-testing is recommended every 60 to 90 days Any supplements or herbal formulas recommended are separately priced and available. Supplements are not proprietary but they are professional grade. You may purchase elsewhere if so desired. Lab One and Physician’s Data Services are the laboratories used.