This is a specialty private practice. As such we are experts in the field with solid knowledge, extensive credentials and experience combined with excellent critical thinking skills.

We do not participate in electronic medical records.  Your medical information remains private in a paper file.  Your medical information does not become part of an electronic data base.

Most of our patients come to us after being exposed to chiropractic, acupuncture, nutritional and exercise therapies. Many of them are already on a vitamin, mineral or herbal protocol and an exercise program. They understand the benefits of this type of care. They are passionate about their health. They like eating healthy. They read labels. They like taking nutritional supplements. They like incorporating stretching and fitness into their everyday routine.

They come to us to enhance what they have already done for themselves. It can include a different type of spinal and extremity adjustment, diverse therapies such as acupuncture, laser, LED lights, gua sha, cupping, as well as cutting edge information. They count on us to meet their changing needs and be proactive in protecting their health from the constantly evolving adverse environmental factors affecting all of us. We fine tune their care and guide them to the next level of a healthy lifestyle.

If you are considering care with us, ask yourself, “What is your ideal outcome after working with a specialist for a year? Where do you think your health should be and can be after receiving specialized care for one year?”

With each visit do you want to receive more in-depth information you can immediately use to continue building a healthy lifestyle?