The body is normally polarized more positively along the central axis of the body and more negatively towards the periphery. However, when injury or disease occurs, the polarity switches at that region, inhibiting the normal membrane transport of the cell.

Acupuncture effectively returns polarity back to normal, resulting in increased ATP, (the food of the cell), increased membrane transport and normal flow of nutrients and waste materials.

Acupuncture is also thought to work through the myofascial webbing of the body. Neuromuscular strain patterns communicate through fascial webbing pulling the joints out of alignment. Normal joint function requires normal myofascial function and normal myofascial function requires normal joint function. Acupuncture can reduce muscle tension and pain and allow chiropractic adjustments the time needed to get settled. Acupuncture is also utilized as a stress reducing technique. Stress causes tension and reduces vitality. ( Utilizing acupuncture as a stress management tool, will conserve the vital energy you need to speed up your recovery.

Combining chiropractic and acupuncture in one treatment session addresses the polarity factor, the myofascial function, the joint function and the stress factor, resulting in a dramatic decrease in the time required to heal.